Volkswage AG is a German automobile concern producing a wide range of passenger cars, minibuses and trucks. The hearquarters of the company is located in Wolfsburg.

In 1935 the first model of Volkswagen was developed under the leadership of constructor Ferdinand Porsche. During two years the car was tested and in 1937 model VW Kafer entered production. The largest European plant producing the previous and following models was opened in 1938. The company created twelve models suitable for local population. These models were transferred to the ownership of Nazi Germany. In 1948 company management was changed and Heinrich Nordhoff, engineer and technocrat led work of purposeful technical specialists possessing unordinary thinking and considering commercial benefit. Volkswagen cars were undergoing significant modernization. Since 1949 models had been released with two new bodies cabriolet and limousine. The company began to pay more attention to car salon and spent much time and efforts on advertising and original slogans, interaction with foreign customers and sales centers. Thanks to cheapness, reliability and active promotion of brand Volkswagen became a hit in many countries in particular in Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Mexico.

New generation of models was launched after producing Volkswagen Passat in 1973. During the following three years the company released more than one million exemplars of model Golf that made Volkswagen the most popular brand in Europe. Modifications of company`s models were alternately produced in 1983, 1991 and 1997 years. 1970 years became the most fruitful period for company Volkswagen. Cars set records in sales and received welcome endorsement not only from consumers but also from experts. At the same time specialists developed cars Volkswagen Golf, Passat and Scirocco. The eighties were marked by production of four-door sedan Volkswagen Jetta which was replaced by analogue named Vento in 1992.

Volkswagen cars are reliable, comfortable and affordable. Nowadays the concern prospers and belongs to the world`s largest vehicle manufacturers. Its plants are located in 15 countries and produce cars of five trademarks: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT and acquired in 1998 Rolls-Royce. Since 2006 the company has been producing coupe-cabriolets VW EOS with hard folding top and full-fledged hatch. Models of Volkswagen are equipped with everything necessary for full-fledged operation. They are comfortable while driving and safe for drivers and surrounding people. That`s why they are extremely popular among motorists. Currently a great variety of Volkswagen models presents on modern market. Every model possesses numerous advantages.

Lightning equipment of cars is worth special attention: headlights of Volkswagen present smart devices they have been automated and perfectly function. Perfect engine characterized by compactness, reinforced power and fuel efficiency is a significant advantage of Volkswagen cars.