Toyota Motor Corporation is the largest Japanese automotive company. Company started its activity with producing automatic weaving machines. In 1933 company Toyoda Automatic Loom Works created a new division specializing in the production of cars. Kiichiro Toyoda became its founder.

In 1935 the very first passenger cars were developed – so called model A1 and truck Model G1. The following year the company started mass production of model A1. The same year the first cars were exported – four trucks were delivered to the north of China. Soon afterwards, the division producing cars turned into an independent concern «Toyota Motor Co.». In 1947 year during postwar period the company launched a series of its new development – Toyota Model SA. In the mid-twentieth century Naichi Ohno invented exclusive technology of production processes regulation which allows to reduce various losses – financial costs and time spent on manufacturing. The technology was realized in 1962 in all divisions of Toyota confirming its effectiveness and leading Toyota to world fame. The company created branded projects, analyzed market and completed the range of models with new cars such as all-terrain vehicle Land Cruiser and Crown that is still popular. The concern «Toyota Motor Sales» supplying models of Toyota to local population was established in USA.

Small resource-efficient car Toyota Publica that immediately earned worldwide recognition was developed in 1961. The following year the company released the millionth exemplar. In 1966 the company released its cult car – Corolla which remained popular until the present days and concluded profitable cooperation agreement with Japanese concern Hino producing cars. In 1970s the company created additional enterprises, continuously invented new technological processes and complemented low- budget cars with functions which were initially intended for exclusive models. The company launched a series of new cars: Celica, Sprinter, Carina, Tercel and Mark II. The model Tercel was first to achieve front drive among all other Japanese brands. By 1972 the company had produced ten millions of Toyota cars. In 1990s Toyota continued to conquer global market creating new representations. Besides, the company continued to carry out scientific developments of technical nature.

Nowadays Toyota is the main car producer in the world. The company occupies leading positions at the car market of Japan releasing over 5,5 millions of cars per year. The concern Toyota consists of several firms involved in various kinds of activity.

It`s possible to choose Toyota cars with various capacity of body depending on your needs. Family universals are especially popular as they differ by spaciousness and comfortableness. Condition of Toyota cars almost never causes fair complaints. These cars fully comply with modern requirements concerning reliability, comfort, multifunctionality and practicality. It can be declared that every Toyota car is a real work of art.