Subaru is a subdivision of concern Fuji Heavy Industries specializing in the production of automobiles. The main production facilities of the company are located not far from Tokyo. Challenging story of the company started in 1958 when it launched model Subaru 360 designed for state order into serial production. The model had to become a real people`s car but it wasn't approved. In 1966 specialists of the company developed a car equipped with a front drive and horizontally opposed engine. New model Subaru 1000 became the result of this activity. Later the company managed to create all-wheel drive vehicle and in 1989 the whole world saw the model Subaru Leone 4 WD Station Wagon. In the end of 1980s the company released fuel-efficient car Legacy. After producing this model system of constant symmetrical all-wheel drive and opposed engine became a visiting card of Subaru. The company entered the market of cars with 2-liter engines. With the goal of producing sedan a team of developers started from making sketches and decided to focus on using horizontally opposed engine and system of a full drive. These technologies which became traditional for Subaru were eminently suited for new generation.

Since 1990 a new period began in the history of Subaru cooperation with British company Prodrive. The concern decided to take part in motorsport and Prodrive prepared Subaru cars for competitions. In the same year Legacy won Safary Rally in the group N. Thus Subaru became successfully involved in rally and circular racing where cars of this brand recorded victories. In 2005 minivan Subaru B9 Tribeca was presented at the motor show in Geneva. Two years later the company produced mini electromobile of class R1-e using new technologies. Technology EyeSight became an engineering breakthrough of Subaru. It presents a stereo camera fixed at the top of windshield. It functions as human eyes, detects danger and can stop a car. The technology is considered to be the best innovative product of Subaru.

For modern buyers comfort, design and safety are more important than engine power. The company releasing Subaru cars focuses on buyers who wish to acquire premium brand and take the choice of models seriously. Subaru doesn't belong to premium and mass brands. It creates its own niche in order to be different from other trademarks.

Requirements to quality of cars become more and more rigorous. Subaru cars differ favourably from others in terms of manageability and security. This is achieved by equipping cars with horizontally opposed engine. In contrast to other car manufacturers Subaru independently develops its engines. They are characterized by compactness, light weight and effectiveness compared with V-shaped and in-line engines.

Using symmetrical drive in combination with unique engines Subaru considerably facilitates driving. Technologies of producing running gear details and transmission can be really called unique.