German company Porshce AG headquartered in Stuttgart was founded in 1931 by Doctor of Engineering Science Ferdinand Porsche. Using components of Volkswagen Kafer the company produced its first car Porsche 64. The company cooperates and coordinates production of cars with Volkswagen.

Company`s business was continued by the son of Ferdinand who assembled a prototype of the model 356 equipped with engine in a base and open aluminium body. The first serial passenger cars of Porsche had engine behind the rear axle that considerably reduced the cost of production and provided additional space for two seats in a car salon. Over the years construction of Porsche cars became more and more improved, volume and power of engines increased. Disc brakes and synchromesh gearbox appeared on all wheels. Vehicle component parts of Volkswagen were substituted with elements developed by the company Porsche. Besides, new variants of body roadsters and hardtops appeared in the lineup of models.

In 1963 the model Porsche 911 was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Design of modern sports car was developed by the grandson of company`s founder Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. In the beginning of 1970s German family-owned enterprise changed its legal status. After firm`s restructuring the family Porsche partially lost control of its affairs. In 1990s front-engined cars and classic models 911 were replaced by conceptually new models Porsche Boxster and 911 (966) Carrera. In spite of definite difficulties the fourth generation Porsche 993 entered the market under the leadership of the following manager Wendelin Wiedeking. Namely then the company made a peculiar breakthrough in development of models: built-in aerodynamic bumpers, smooth lines of body, new lightning added modern and stylish appearance to Porsche. Engine of cars was slightly modified whereas rear suspension was considerably improved.

Economical mini-cars, sedans of medium and business class are absent in Porsche lineup as this brand intended for buyers with high incomes. Model range Porsche starts with luxury class vehicles Porsche Panamera, continues with offroaders Porsche Cayenne and ends with a line of sport cars and cabriolets. Many politics, stars of show business and simply influential people prefer to have a car with emblem of Stuttgart arms on the hood. Statusness, faultless dynamic characteristics, luxury and peculiar design make Porsche cars so popular. In 2010 cars of Porsche were recognized as the most reliable variants in the world. Since its very establishment the company actively participates in motorsports. For a long period the company organizes sports competitions among its cars of various classes and regularly holds cup racing championships.

Currently the company is in the development stage and produces technically flawless and high-speed cars for real connoisseurs.