The history of the company Pontiac which became a cult American brand began in 1893 year. Namely then Edward Murphy established a company «Pontiac Buggy» producing carriages. The company was named in honour of the city Pontiac located in the state Michigan where «Pontiac Buggy» started its activity. According to another version the brand achieved its name in honour of American Indian Chief Pontiac who fought with French people. For many years head of Indian had been an emblem of Pontiac and was replaced in 1956 by arrowhead.

In 1907 the company started producing cars, its name was changed to Oakland Motor Car Company. In 1909 the concern General Motors acquired Oakland. In 1926 Pontiac and Oakland became separate brands. Pontiac motor Division started its individual activity. Under the guidance of Harry Klinger Pontiac began to equip its cars with 6-cylinder engines of new generation and independent suspension.

Thanks to the model Pontiac Silver Streak released in 1935 popularity of the brand increased and the company decided to expand production. Starting from 1941 new model lineup named Torpedo had been releasing. For a number of years design of exterior remained traditional, the only change was more sloping line of car roof. In 1955 the company released completely new models: new body, frame and power plant. Later design of body was simplified and became free from various pretentious elements. Produced in 1961 model Pontiac Tempest was characterized by updated and simplified design. Namely this car became basic model for the most famous and successful model Pontiac GTO which became legendary. Pontiac GTO served as a prototype of all analogous models of American production which later received the name Muscle Cars.

In 1986 the model Pontiac Bonneville was considerably modified. The model presented class «luxe», possessed a front drive, its engine was placed crosswise. In 1992 the company presented Pontiac Firebird in new sporty design. Since the beginning of 1990s considerable quantity of releasing models have been equipped with a front drive. In 2000 conceptual model Pontiac Pirahna characterized by attractive futuristic design and multifunctionality was presented at the motor show in Detroit.

Automobile company Pontiac presented a great variety of legendary and popular cars possessing beautiful and bright history. Many models of this brand are considered to be collectible and rare. Besides, they are highly valued among amateurs of automobile equipment. Attractive design adds special fascination to Pontiac cars. Appearance and technical characteristics of Pontiac models are excellent. Comfortable cars are well suited for driving on rough roads. Pontiac is one of the best firms of American car industry. Currently the brand offers a wide range of sporty models and SUVs. Nevertheless, as part of GM`s restructuring plan the company stopped production in 2010 year.