Japanese automobile company Nissan was established in 1933 but the first years of its existence the concern devoted to the production of brand Datsun cars. In 1934 the first passenger car under the name Nissanocar was presented. In 1935 the company produced a car which was assembled using exclusively Japanese components.

During World War II the company started producing buses and lorries conducting developments of new internal combustion engines. After the restoration of the main production capacities Nissan regenerated production of passenger cars. Compact model Datsun equipped with the most necessary options and reliable petrol engine invented by the company was soon released.

In 1952 the company signed an agreement with English firm «Austin» which invested considerable sums in further modernization of Nissan plants. After investing the company started licensing assembly of Austin cars for domestic market of Japan. Presentation of Nissan Patrol offroader in 1955 became the key event that defined further development of the company. The first Japanese engine with six cylinders became one of its peculiarities. In 1958 Nissan started to sell cars on the territory of USA. Two years later compact sedan Nissan Cedric was presented and became widely popular both at automobile market of Asia and USA. In 1962 the company produced a family model Nissan Skyline that achieved sporting modification defining a new niche in model range of Japanese manufacturer. In 1966 Nissan presented Datsun Sunny which became the most sold car of the company during the twentieth century, conquered European automobile market and received a whole host of awards from British Auto Academy. The main advantages of its model were simplicity and reliability in contrast to European cars of that time. After modernization of model range management of Nissan set out on a course of expanding its presence at American automobile market and opened plants on the west and east coast of USA.

In 1989 luxury division of Japanese brand under the name Infiniti was established and presented exclusively at the markets of USA and Canada. In 1992 subcompact car Nissan Micra was presented and became widespread at the car markets of developing countries. Since 2003 the company started producing numerous innovative models which earned a number of awards. By 2012 the company became the only car producer possessing all-wheel drive vehicles of every class: from compact low-end cars to full-sized premium models.

A significant advantage of Nissan cars is a wide range of models which allows to choose appropriate car for every car enthusiast. Extensive network of official dealers considerably facilitates process of buying a Nissan car. Acquiring Nissan car you can be sure in its high quality and durability. The reasonable price-quality ratio is another significant advantage which is relevant not only to direct acquisition but also possible repair. Nissan cars are not only high-quality, affordable stylish means of transport but also an excellent example of luxury.