Car manufacturer Mitsubishi started its activity in 1870. Talented designers focused on producing qualitative cars for daily life of citizens. The word «mitsubishi» is translated as «three diamonds». Three diamonds symbolize three working principles of the company: responsibility towards society, honesty and openness regarding international cooperation.

In the end of XIX century and during World War I Japan adhered to aggressive military strategy and Mitsubishi produced aircrafts. At that time car manufacturing wasn't considered to be profitable business as produced cars were assembled by hand and required much time and efforts.

In 1917 Mitsubishi released its famous Model A, the first Japanese car which was assembled on conveyer. In 1918 the company produced its first lorry – model T1. In 1931 the first Japanese diesel engine possessing direct injection – model 450 AD with 70 horsepower was produced. In 1930s Mitsubishi produced diesel vehicles and became the second largest concern of Japan after Mitsui. In 1960s Japan`s economy enjoyed a period of sustained growth: incomes and general living standard of population improved. For that reason there was demand for passenger cars. In 1960 Mitsubishi introduced car Mitsubishi 500 to the market – fuel-efficient sedan targeted to the mass consumer. The model achieved great popularity. By the end of 1960s Mitsubishi earned a reputation of manufacturer producing high quality cars. In 1980s the company tried to increase its presence at the world market and its reputation became well-known everywhere in the world. By the end of 1980s Mitsubishi expanded its production and assembly facilities all over the world. In the beginning of XIX century Mitsubishi focused on high quality and implementation of the latest scientific and engineering solutions in area of car industry, engine development, safety and ecology.

The company obtained world recognition thanks to the team of talented constructors realizing the most daring projects and changing standards. The team of Mitsubishi constructors changed appearance and technical possibilities of modern cars forever. The company has a record number of patents on various inventions in mechanical engineering. A great number of novelties appeared at the markets of different countries. By 2016 the company is planning to update five models four of which – crossovers and offroaders. Since then producing crossovers, offroaders, hybrids and electric cars became a priority focus of the company`s activity.

Nowadays Mitsubishi remains among auto giants of the world and continues to surprise with innovations in car industry. The company is planning to increase annual sales to 1 million 430 thousands of cars by 2016 year.