Mercedes-Benz is a trademark of passenger cars of premium-class, lorries, buses and other means of transport belonging to German concern «Daimler AG». Automobile brand Mercedes was created in the end of XIX century. Combustion engine gave creators of the company many opportunities which they tried to realize during producing their cars. The model designed by Wilhelm Maybach achieved its name «Mercedes» after the daughter of one of the firm founders. The name Mercedes-Benz is strongly associated with executive cars combining beauty, comfort and safety.

In the previous century German company Mercedes was one of the best in the area of the production of cars. German accuracy, prudence and punctuality present in every new model. In the fifties years the model Mercedes-Benz 300 became famous, in the 60s the Mercedes-Benz 600 was presented and in the 90s the company started producing models of various classes – from offroaders to compact mini-cars. Automobile brand Mercedes-Benz presents refined combination of decorative elements, innovative technologies and uncompromising comfort. Convenience of passengers is the main idea of the company which produces cars for clients with different levels of incomes.

The model lineup includes hatchbacks and sedans, cabriolets and roadsters, minivans, universals and commercial traffic – unrivaled quality of performance unites all these cars. Such quality became the result of handwork and modern technologies of automated assembly processes.

Nowadays Mercedes-Benz is a serious automobile and industrial giant. The company ranks second in the world by car sales. Undoubtedly, after achieving such an indicator employees of the company can be proud of themselves. Mercedes continuously updates the list of produced cars. Company management aims at new achievements modifying and adding new features to their cars. Construction of new Mercedes cars is accomplished according to cutting-edge technologies. Motor operation is controlled by computer. System of climate-control and cruise control are necessarily installed in cars. Rear view camera allows to get a view of traffic flow on roads at the rear of the car. Regarding safety – new Mercedes cars let driver to feel cozy and comfortable. Airbags are installed not only in the front part of the car but also at the sides in order to soften blows in case of crashes.

The distinctive feature of new models is comfort and spaciousness. Due to high quality and quite reasonable prices automobile dealerships selling Mercedes cars are opened worldwide. When acquiring a car buyer is allowed to pass test drive in order to make sure that chosen model meets his requirements. Nowadays Mercedes models of classes S and C are particularly popular. Excellent brakes, easy manageable transmission and surely spacious salon are the main distinctive peculiarities of Mercedes cars. Exterior design of cars is constantly modified. There is hardly anybody in the world who wouldn't like at least one Mercedes model.