Mazda is a Japanese company releasing Mazda cars. Mazda is an auto invented for providing maximum comfort on roads. The majority of Mazda models are characterized by stylish design and convenient interior. Everybody will like driving such a car. Once you start driving you`ll realize that you`ve been dreaming about it all your life. The company started its activity in 1931 when it produced a three-wheeled truck Mazdago. The first passenger car left the assembly line of Mazda in 1960. Seven years later a period of producing cars with rotary engines began. Since then powerful sport cars became the visiting card of Mazda.

Extensive model lineup includes offroaders, cabriolets, roadsters, minivans and pickups. The main emphasis is placed on cars of low and middle class and company`s management considers these models to be the most perspective direction of the brand development. Mazda collaborates with American concern Ford in order to resolve the questions related to development strategies and sales. Numerous assembly plants of Mazda located in more than twenty countries allow the company to export its products in large quantities.

From year to year Mazda CX-7 continuously transforms, constructors constantly add new features to the model and over time it acquires more and more technical characteristics. The latest developments include refusal of all-wheel drive, optimization of car options, replacing standard and habitual spark plugs with laser ones for rotary engine of new generation.

Undoubtedly Mazda models are the most stylish and beautiful cars at the market. Every model of Mazda is individual and inimitable. Its sportiness and rashness, unique functional capabilities simply amaze. Mazda cars possess futuristic appearance. Stylish interior of Mazda cars is no less striking, it provides comfort while driving. The brake system of Mazda ensures reliable protection in extreme situations. Reliability of Mazda cars is proved by time it`s possible to meet both new models and cars produced more than thirty years ago.