The founder of Lincoln Motor Car Company of Delaware was American engineer Henry Martin Liland who worked in the company Cadillac. In 1920 the first car similar to models of Cadillac and equipped with engine V8 was produced. The company Linkoln was established in conditions of rigorous competition as there were more than one hundred of enterprises involved in producing cars. One third of them focused exclusively on wealthy buyers. The company Linkoln tried to enter this market segment with its powerful engines V8.

In 1922 the company was acquired by Henry Ford and Lincoln became a division of Ford. After this merger of the companies quality of produced cars considerably increased and level of sales reached one hundred of cars per year. Since 1923 year Lincoln cars acquired status of official cars for President of the United States. In 1932 sedan Lincoln KB with 12-cylinder engine was released. The model was characterized by noiseless run and equipped with hydraulic brakes.

In 1936 Dutch constructor who was known in Detroit as John Tyard developed innovative model Lincoln Zephyr excellent car with a streamlined shape of body and incredibly powerful engine V12 placed in front of a new specimen. After this innovation the company inspired and immediately expanded production. After several years of hard work the company Lincoln finally offered modern engine with valves placed on the top of engine. In 1997 an offroader Lincoln Navigator appeared and became the most luxurious car of this class in USA, its design was based on the model Ford Expedition.

Regarding present automobiles Linkoln it should be noted that they have the only similarity to their predecessors - incredibly high prices. Current production lineup includes extraordinary popular offroader Lincoln Navigator with 5,8-liter powerful engine V8 with 232 horsepower.

Nowadays Lincoln occupies a leading position among American producers of luxury cars. Brand Lincoln became one of the most popular in automobile world. In recent years Lincoln is the most prestigious brand of Ford cars and successfully competes with Cadillac models which are closely related to the name Henry Martyn Leland. The main features of Lincoln cars are surely prestige and comfort but herewith driving is very easy, dynamics of cars is excellent, finishing of car interior is accomplished using high-quality and durable materials.