Lexus is a division of company Toyota producing luxury car models for the markets of USA and Europe (surely left-hand drive cars). The very word «lexus» is similar by its sounding with the word «luxe». Initially the company Lexus was created to produce prestigious, expensive, luxury and beautiful cars. This segment of automobile market had been long and firmly occupied by such famous European and American brands as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar.

Toyota decided to challenge the best cars of the world. By that time Toyota became a world-famous producer of reliable, inexpensive and qualitative cars and planned to conquer chosen segment of automobile market with a new brand. Toyota considered that namely Lexus was suitable for conquering market.

Japanese extensively and thoroughly worked on developing car models. A few years passed since emergence of their idea to final implementation and in May of 1985 developers went to USA as the first car was created namely for American market. The first model was completely different from the rest products of Japanese car industry. There were surveys conducted among potential future buyers and car dealers of the biggest cities of USA (New York, San Francisco, Miami and Houston) to get a clear picture of American buyers` preferences.

In July of the same 1985 year the first car model Lexus LS 400 was produced. In 1986 LS 400 passed numerous tests - on motorways of Germany, snow-covered roads of Canada and Sweden, serpentine mountain roads. In 1988 after several years of designing Trademark Lexus and its logo were presented to the general public at the auto show in Los Angeles. In 1991 a luxury sports coupe with 4-liter aggregate under the hood appeared in Lexus brand line-up. In 1992 Lexus outrun its competitors BMW and Mercedes-Benz by sales volumes and became the leading importer of luxury cars. The first offroaders appeared in the model line-up of Lexus in 1996.

Nowadays model range of Lexus includes fair few classes and models. Peculiarity of the company Lexus is an opportunity to acquire cars with hybrid drives which combine gasoline engine and electromotor. In general, history of Lexus very successfully continues and it`s not restricted by American market. This is reflected in numerous awards received from press and the first places in a variety of ratings. There are many positive feedbacks about cars of this brand and cars undoubtedly deserve them as they combine excellent comfort, recognizable style and unrivaled Japanese quality. Relationship with clients played a considerable role in Lexus success as the company payed close attention to customer service. Ñars of the brand Lexus are distinguished by high comfort and equipped with the latest electronics. These cars designed to highlight belonging of their owner to the elite. The target audience of Lexus includes successful wealthy people.