American automobile brand heaquartered in Toledo, state Ohio was created in 1941 and currently is a part of the company Chrysler. Brand name Jeep means cross-country vehicles. Nowadays offroaders of Jeep are world-famous. Creator of the first Jeep was American engineer Karl Probst who constructed four-wheel drive automobile Bantam BRC with open body.

Recognizable offroaders were developed by engineer Arthur Herrington. The resulting model was named Jeep – from abbreviation GP (general purpose). Nowadays Jeep became the synonym of «offroader» in some languages. The most popular models of Jeep are Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and Wrangler.

Since 1941 and up to the present day brand Jeep associated with real off-road qualities, innovative technologies and continuing improvement. Starting from the model Willys-Overland the trademark Jeep opened up a market of all-wheel drive vehicles almost 70 years ago and gave rise to the trend of compact four-door cars of SUV class by releasing its Jeep Cherokee in 1983. All Jeep models which are created nowadays are in one way or another followers of the first brand cars.

Name «Jeep» registered as international trademark in 1950 and gave origin to brand which became one of the most popular among consumers of the whole world. Besides, the word «Jeep» implies off-road cars. Currently Jeep models are offered in more than 120 countries and overall number of sold cars with a famous emblem Jeep exceeded 9 million. During its 70-year history reliable and undemanding universal four-wheel drive vehicles have always been heroes not only in time of war but also in agricultural areas and in rescue operations during natural disasters of national scale.

Recent decades were filled with realization of pilot decisions, creation of cars which set a new fashion starting from the model Willys MB of wartime and ending with modern models. Having mastered automobile niche of sport-utility class brand continues to lead in the segment of SUV class. Jeeps turned out to be so universal that the most unexpected applications were found for them. They were used for transporting of injured and affected persons, installation of machine guns, applied as scout cars, trucks, cars for military officers, transportation of weapons, installation of communication lines and even as a taxi. During the war more than 600 000 jeeps were produced that presents a beautiful evidence of extraordinary popularity. Admiring enthusiasm of its fans trademark Jeep always retains its leading position offering inimitable opportunities for testing vehicles during various activities carried out in different countries under the name Jeep Experience Day and Jeep Camp.

From year to year engineers add more and more useful functions to their models in order to improve comfort of cars and try to meet requirements of car owners. As a result, powerful, reliable and able to move practically in any conditions offroaders of the brand receive rave reviews from car owners not only in USA but also throughout the world.