Honda is a Japanese company producing passenger cars and motorcycles. It was founded in 1946 by an engineer Soichiro Honda and initially produced engines and motorbikes. Since 1948 the company has been producing legendary motorcycles which nowadays present the world`s best-selling trademark of motorcycles.

Honda released its first cars in 1960 which were small sport cars resembling motorcycles manufactured by the company. The first car models gained an excellent reputation for quality and characteristics. In 1966 Honda started to produce small sedans and four years later began to export its first cars Honda 600 to various countries. At that time engineers of the company began to develop another fuel-efficient car intended for the global market of cars with low fuel consumption. Model Honda Civik presented to public in 1973 became the result of multi-year developments and immediately adopted by consumers of the whole world.

Since the company started producing cars it continues to supply the international market with a wide range of transport vehicles with low fuel consumption. Every car created by Honda is based on principle of the necessity to produce environmentally friendly cars with high energy efficiency and meeting all requirements of customers. The company Honda Motor developed with phenomenal speed and turned into the leading company with well-established reputation in the area of manufacturing transport vehicles. Nowadays Honda is a dynamically developing company which constantly presents technological innovations dedicated to improve life of people. By means of innovations the company tries to reduce damage to the environment. The company is the world`s largest producer of motorcycles and is on the rating top 10 of the world car producers.

Japanese cars have been always distinguished by their practicality and stylish design but Honda outrivaled them in reliability, robustness and practicality by creating a car with transverse engine mounting in the engine compartments and front drive. Thanks to the innovation passenger compartment increased even more and a car became steadier on road. At the world market Honda yields the palm of leadership only its competitor Toyota Motors but management of Honda set the objective for their employees to outstrip the competitor and increase sales to five millions of cars per year.

The challenge before Honda`s designers to create ultramodern and trendy car both inside and outside. Already today models of Japanese car have been included in the list of the fifteen best design solutions of the year. Besides, looking at the modern Honda car it must be said that its appearance can be sporting and aggressive or seamless and calm. Narrow headlights, beautiful tuning, smooth lines and bends, stylish casting, massive bumper and low driving position are typical features of the modern Honda car.