Since the moment of establishment and until our days Ford has remained one of the few firms which weren't bought and taken under control by anybody. On the contrary, Ford owns such brands as Lincoln, Mercury and possesses a significant shares percentage of Mazda and Kia.

Ford is an American automobile company specializing in manufacturing of motor-cars, lorries and various agricultural machinery. The company was established in 1903 and in the same year sold its first car. The headquarters of the company is located in Dearborn, state Michigan. Producing practical and inexpensive cars organized by Henry Ford allowed to improve life of numerous people all over the world. More than a century-long experience of manufacturing allowed constructors to consider all wishes of motorists and create a model range for all occasions in life, any taste and wallet. Ford offers luxury high-class cars, family and sport autos.

Modern American brand models present an illustration of company`s efforts to march in step with up-to-date technologies. Epochal Taurus updated during producing of the second generation cars has been released since 1985. Typical American models are full-sized rear-wheel drive vehicle Crown Victoria which has been produced since 1996, all-wheel drive and multipurpose explorer and Expedition, universals Aerostar and Windstar characterized by increased capacity. European subsidiary of the company mastered producing series of quite perfect cars including escort of the second generation that was released in 1990, Scorpio produced in 1994 and Fiesta of the third generation (1995).

Main attractive features of Ford cars are excellent fuel efficiency and new technologies allowing to get more advantages and comfort from cars operation. Company offers cars which frequently become not very externally appealing but incomparable in terms of techniques and practicality. Innovative technology Front Split View Camera is now available for installation on updated models S-MAX and Galaxy. It ensures 180 degrees viewing angle thanks to a camera mounted to the front of a car in a radiator grill. When driving on traffic way a crossroads camera allows a driver to notice approaching vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

Ford trucks are reliable partner in resolving traffic issues. They have been created on the basis of recent technological developments in transport sphere and present unique combination of excellent operational characteristics, reliability and safety. New Ford Cargo H566 is a truck-tractor designed for long and average distance transportation. This model is characterized by unrivalled features and new level of comfort. Lorries Ford are manufactured in modern high-technology plants gained recognition in Europe and won numerous awards. Company Ford actively participates in international sport competitions and has its own rally team. Besides, the company delivered vehicles for other teams.