Enzo Ferrari was the son of locomotive repair shop`s owner. Enzo participated in car races and scored 13 victories. When driving a racing car he realized that was dreaming about constructing car models. Ferrari persistently was steady in purpose of making the fastest cars and soon invented auto «typo-815» in 1940. Sporting car with a streamlined vehicle body was equipped with in-line eight-cylinder engine possessing working volume of 1,5 liters. In the same year Ferrari finally registered his own firm. Production of Ferrari cars started in Maranello that is located 15 kilometers from Modena. In 1949 auto Ferrari won in 24-hour racing competition at Le Mans. Shortly afterwards history of the firm`s sport victories started and associated with names of great champions – from Alberto Ascari (1952 and 1953) and Juan-Manuel Fangio (1956) to Niki Lauda (1975 and 1977). The firm won numerous awards also in other competitions.

Models America and Super America brought the firm a great success. The most famous and wealthiest people became owners of these models including shah of Iran. Totally 39 copies of famous Ferrari-250 were produced and every model was different from others of this series.

Ferrari gradually replaced the main Italian racing firm Alfa Romeo in racing competitions. Red colour is the colour of Italy`s motorsport that bolides borrowed from Maranello. Later unofficial name of the colour appeared – «scarlet Ferrari». An emblem of Ferrari – prancing stallion on yellow background which was complemented with three stripes above – green, white and red first emerged in paper materials and official documents of the company in 1929. However at that time «prancing stallion» wasn't portrayed on cars as they belonged to Alfa Romeo and had their own emblem in the form of cloverleaf against the white background of triangular shape.

Ferrari has released several models of concept cars, for example, Ferrari Mythos. Some of these models were radical and weren't intended for manufacturing, others such as Ferrari Mythos possessed styling details which were incorporated into future cars. The latest concept car produced by the company was Ferrari Millechili. Several one-off special models of road cars were also manufactured, commissioned to the firms releasing automobile bodies by rich owners. Some of the latest examples are Ferrari P4/5 by Pininfarina and Ferrari 612 Kappa. Ferrari also designs hybrids such as F430 Spider which use ethanol as a fuel. Ferrari hybrid system provides approximately 100 horsepower on top of 599 Fiorano`s 612 HP.

Ferrari suggests special programs to his clients according to which they can acquire cars booked in advance. Occasionally the company deal with engineering and develops design in cooperation with houses of external design including Pininfarina and Fioravanti. Developed models achieve complete homologation and become legal.