In 1914 brothers John and Horace Dodge from the state Michigan founded automobile firm Dodge Brothers Incorporated which later became a famous company of USA. During last two decades the company established itself as a manufacturer of aggressively styled and high-performance vehicles. The same year public familiarized with the first-birth of the firm – a cabriolet Old Betsy which was equipped with electric starter, headlights and had developed 35 hp. In 1915 the company released 45 thousands of cars but demand exceeded supply. In 1917 the firm produced an ambulance car for army and since then started producing trucks and vans. By 1920 Dodge successfully sold more than 141 000 cars.

For the first time in the world auto with an all-steel closed cab – Dodge Touring Car was produced. In 1922 company started to produce cars in London and became the first American firm which mastered European market. In 1924 a two-seat coupe Dodge Roadster appeared and provided the firm with sport achievements. During the Second World War company Dodge produced aircraft engines for military forces of USA. In Chicago a huge plant producing 18-cylinder engines was built on 450 acres of land. During the war trucks Dodge characterized by special durability and reliability were in great demand. Number of exported trucks reached 40 000 units.

On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the company limited series of sporting cars was produced. More than half a million cars were released for the first time that demonstrates enormous popularity of Dodge trucks. In 1966 sports coupe Dodge Charger with V8 engine cleared the way for the brand to segment of muscle cars. This model along with «Corvette» and «Mustang» became a legend of America.

As with other manufacturers releasing cars, Dodge`s successes became volatile in the 70s that was caused by changing preferences and intense competition. The company managed with difficulties in the beginning of 80s thanks to loans of government and wide sales of Omni and Aries economy cars which were produced in accordance with design of VW Rabbit. However in 1984 Dodge left an important mark in the history by introducing widely popular model Caravan. The model ideally suited for families and gave birth to a segment of new vehicle – the minivan.

In the 1990s Dodge produced pickup cabriolet Dodge Dakota, its roof was made of soft material. The company began producing quad Cab model which rear doors were mounted on hinges that was a novelty at that time. In 2006 model Dodge Caliber was demonstrated in Geneva. Offroader Dodge Nitro possessing good dynamic characteristics was produced in 2007. In 2008 the company demonstrated crossover Dodge Journey which salon can be easily transformed. In more recent years Dodge focuses on producing more practical vehicles and improves the performance and general quality of its Avenger sedan. Dodge also increased popularity of its truck line and turned it into an independent Ram brand.