Chrysler is a brand of cars produced by American company «Chrysler Group» which belongs to Italian concern Fiat since 2014. Together with Ford and General Motors Chrysler forms so called Detroit`s big three. Founder of the company is Walter Chrysler who had a great interest in mechanics. In 1912 Chrysler started working in Buick and over time he earned a reputation of specialist. The company «Maxwell Motor Car» needed his services. In order to revitalize the company Walter offered a really effective solution – to develop a new car which should enter a market under his name.

In 1924 model Chrysler Six was released. During the first year 32 000 exemplars of car models were sold. It allowed to create manufacturing company that became a successor of «Maxwell Motors». After one year the company rose from 57th place to fifth position among American enterprises producing cars. Approximately 4 thousands dealers sold Chrysler cars throughout the country. In 1983 new generation of models – minivan Voyager was released and made thousands of American families to look at cars in a new light. Successes of the company allowed it to conclude several profitable contracts. Thus, in 1987 Chrysler acquired Lamborghini, then American Motors which possesses rights to manage the enterprises Eagle and Jeep. In the beginning of 1990 Chrysler entered European market and launched car production in Austria.

In 1994 the company profits considerably increased and it produced a line of new models including Cirrus named «Vehicle of the year», medium-sized Concorde, a huge car LHS 300M, luxury sports coupe Sebring and its open topped version. In 1998 Chrysler and Daimler-Benz AG merged for joint activity. In 2000 model PT Cruiser appeared which was accomplished in retro style. In 2014 shareholders of Italian automobile concern Fiat welcomed the decision on merge of the company with their American subdivision of Chrysler. As a result of the merger the world`s seventh largest Auto Group can appear which will be included in the listing of American stock market.

Chrysler Group LLC is a global strategic alliance with Fiat Group. At its core lies traditional for Chrysler culture of innovations and modern technologies of Fiat. Revolutionary design and dynamic characteristics of these models provide a comprehensive picture of the brand which cars have already been produced more than hundred years. Many of brand cars became a real American legend. It should be noted that namely engineers of Chrysler were first in the history to use key switch operation in engine start systems of their cars.

Trying to improve fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness automobile concern Chrysler Group intends to implement popular system «Start/Stop». Starting from 2015 the system includes in standard equipment of all new Chrysler cars. Besides, the system allows to reduce harmful gas emissions to 3%.