Company Chevrolet was established in 1911 by the American entrepreneur William Durant and a racing car driver Louis Chevrolet in whose honour the firm was named. However Louis has never been its owner, he enjoyed racing and was a nice mechanic of the firm.

The first car under the logo Chevrolet was designed by the racer but these models hasn't become widespread as their cost significantly exceeded the cost of competitors. However the model Chevrolet 490 released in 1916 cost much less and provided the company with resounding success. Afterwards the model entered the number of American car industry leaders. William Durant realized that the key to success is not luxury design but simplicity and cheapness. He stopped producing fancy cars and started releasing inexpensive four-cylinder models. A few years later the main competitor of Chevrolet Ford discontinued the line of the popular model T giving priority to the emerging company Chevrolet. Since then the company doesn't leave leading positions among the main American car producers and frequently occupies the first places. During the whole period of the company existence 209 millions of cars have been sold. Autos under this brand are sold more than in 140 countries and every 7 seconds somebody becomes a happy owner of a car with a butterfly on the grille. Every sixteenth car driving across the globe is Chevrolet.

Model Suburban by a nickname Texas limousine is successfully sold in USA presenting Chevrolet in the class of expensive cars. Every car of the company is characterized by long-term quality, safety, fair price and quality ratio. Modern models of Chevrolet present a unique combination of rich experience and the latest technologies.

In USA Chevrolet is quoted as the best brand of sporting cars. Chevrolet is the largest world trade mark of the concern General Motors with annual sales being estimated at approximately 4 million of cars. The company occupies the fourth place in terms of sales volume and the first in terms of growth rate among automobile brands of the world. Chevrolet cars combine passion, brave design and maximum practicality. They are the best cars which are sold at the best price. Buyers achieve considerable quality at reasonable price from Chevrolet. Nowadays the company doesn't stop to develop releasing one of the most sold cars such as Chevrolet Cruze, Aveo, Camaro and surely Corvette which is characterized by incredible level of comfort and quality of finishing.

There are several versions of the emblem Chevrolet appearing. One of Chevrolet founders William Durant saw an interesting pattern on the wallpaper in a hotel during his journey in Paris. Durant so liked the image that decided to use it as an emblem of his company. According other version Durant frequently drew various variants of emblem but borrowed the idea from newspaper advertising of one of the coal companies.