The company Cadillac was named after the founder of the city Detroit, French nobleman Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. At all times the car named Cadillac has been considered to be demanded among the most influential people of the world. Cars of this firm have always been famous for their unchangeable quality and comfort both inside and outside.

The first car was produced in 1902 and possessed engine power of 10 hp. At that time car of this firm differed with high quality of assembly and presented a new sample of automobile construction. For that reason the company received a peculiar Nobel Prize for cars. History of Cadillac is a story about a legend. The first car produced by the company laid the foundation of production which extended year by year. High quality of assembly and elegant appearance were typical absolutely for all company`s models. To this day new models Cadillac are desirable and popular.

Cadillac was popular with people with high income. It was designed for transportation of high-ranking people, officers, presidents of various countries etc. The main achievement of the concern which makes its model popular during several decades is a skillful combination of all technical and visual features. Few companies in the modern world manage to create so unique and fascinating cars.

American dream is a car possessing the biggest and powerful engine, enormous dimensions and impressive even awesome design. The only corporation «Cadillac» offers such offroaders. Taking into account all peculiarities of technique and appearance this model can be called unique and inimitable.

It should be noted that «Cadillac Escalade» is one of the symbols of American automobile industry. It embodies unique charm and status. Cadillac suggested a new design philosophy in XI century named «Art and Science» which implies sharp forms, crisp edges, brave and high tech design. As a rule model lineup of the company includes rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive sedans, SUVs, crossovers and roadsters. The company is hightly proud of its traditions and resisted producing retro models. For many years Cadillac remains a symbol of American success and American dream.