Founder of the firm «Buick Auto-Vim and Power» David Dunbar Buick was born in Scotland in the family of simple carpenter. Thanks to inquisitive mind and rare wit he became an excellent inventor. In the beginning of 1890s Buick started to get involved in studying internal combustion engines.

Buick`s company specializes in the production of combustion engines. Soon «Buick» turned into the second major automobile company of USA after Ford and later became a foundation for establishing «General Motors» which includes «Buick» to the present day. Namely cars immortalized name of the great Scotsman. Approximately 45 million of cars have been produced during 110 years.

In the new millennium company «Buick» created a program for the development of new models which numbers four families of cars on two basic platform chassis with front-wheel drive layout and transversally installed power plants equipped only with gasoline engines V6 and automatic hydromechanical 4-speed automatic gearbox. Along with Chevrolet Buick cars became symbols of American style in automobile industry. By the mid-1920s the company «Buick» was considered to be one of the leading producers of America as its models were characterized by reliability, presentability of construction and attracted attention of numerous representatives of middle class. In 1946 modernization of cars included new design of radiator grill and simplified finishing of body sides. In the beginning of 1950s V-shaped eight-cylinder engine of 164 and 188 horsepower was developed.

Since the second half of 1950s updating of Buick`s model ranges happened once every two or three years. As a rule typical Buick model presents a powerful and large-size car. In 1960s the company tried to create compact models but they weren't successful at the market. In the beginning of 1970s relatively small and inexpensive European and Japanese cars began to gain popularity. For that reason «General Motors» refocused its subsidiary «Buick» on creation of identical, full-sized, front-wheel drive middle class cars. In the beginning of XI century producing of Buick models was continually decreased. Starting from 2001 management of the company decided to produce middle class cars for American market. The matter concerns inexpensive full-sized front driven cars. Development prospects of the company can be called quite significant even in spite of the global financial crisis.

Nowadays the company «Buick» focuses on producing full-sized middle class cars with nice qualitative indicators. This decision is particularly important in conditions of constant reduction of demand for expensive cars.