Automobile, motorcycle and engine producing enterprise BMW was established in 1916 in Germany. Personal of the plant located on the territory of 370 000 kilometers is more than 7 thousands of people. Approximately 1000 cars are released per day. BMW remains one of the most sold European premium-class trade mark in USA. More than 80% of cars are exported that makes BMW the largest auto exporter in USA. The abbreviation BMW is deciphered as «Bavarian motor plants». The company owns brands Mini and Rolls-Royce.

BMW model of the fourth series is a novelty that gained popularity in USA. The majority of analytics consider it to be a serious competitor of Mercedes-Benz in class of luxury sedans. The leader of automotive industry concern BMW decided to demonstrate its next novelty – offroader BMW X5. The manufacturer is planning to show a new model at motor-show in New-York where mass numbers of people annually present.

The New Class presented a line of comfortable sedans and coupes which the company was producing from 1962 to 1977. These models possessed independent suspension, MacPherson struts mounted at the front and front disc brakes. Initially The New Class line was complemented with two-door sporting sedans. Various models of BMW achieved success in competitions and set records during the years of its history. Nowadays company occupies leading positions at automobile market attracting buyers with the highest quality, style, comfort. The main point is that all BMW cars can please active drivers. Company produces motor-cars, racing cars, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles. Currently BMW manufactures its products in five facilities of Germany and 22 subsidiaries located worldwide. BMW is one of the few automobile firms which don`t use robots in production. All assembly processes are accomplished manually. The company applies computer diagnostics of the main parameters of cars.

BMW is planning to launch production of electric crossovers at a plant located in Spartanburg, USA. Besides, BMW prepares new generation of seventh series for mass production. At the moment models are in the development stage. New sedan will be equipped with the latest Driving Assistance Systems.

Main markets of the seventh series are USA, Germany and China. Large markets of flagship model are also Great Britain, the Middle East, South Korea and Russia. Current generation of the seventh series has been produced since 2008. During this period 250 000 cars have been sold.